Fundamentals of Fundraising

Fundamentals of Fundraising

Fundamentals of Fundraising

Ready to unlock the keys to successful fundraising and secure the financial resources for your growth?

Ready to unlock the keys to successful fundraising and secure the financial resources for your growth?

Ready to unlock the keys to successful fundraising and secure the financial resources for your growth?


Fundementals of Fundraising



Learn at your own pace

Member only content

Over 3 hours of content

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Fundementals of Fundraising



Learn at your own pace

Member only content

Over 3 hours of content

Launching Soon


Fundementals of Fundraising



Learn at your own pace

Member only content

Over 3 hours of content

Launching Soon

The Curriculum

7 modules • 30 video lessons

4 Lessons

Introduction to Funding Landscape

In this module, participants will gain an understanding of the various funding sources available to individuals and organisations. They will explore the differences between grants, loans, equity investment, and donations.

Overview of Fundraising Process

Participants will begin by grasping the fundamental concept of fundraising, including the divergence between funding required for non-profits, social enterprises or small businesses.

Types of Funding Sources

Explore the differences between grants, loans, equity investment, and donations.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Examine the benefits and drawbacks of each method of fundraising.

Choosing the Right Funding Source

We will guide participants through the critical process of assessing their specific needs and objectives. This section helps participants pinpoint their financial requirements and to align their funding choice with their venture's nature.

4 Lessons

Understanding Your Funding Needs

This module delves into the process of accurately assessing financial requirements. Participants will learn how to calculate the funding needed for different stages, whether it's for starting up a new venture, sustaining daily operations, or expanding an existing project.

Assessing Financial Requirements

In this lesson, participants will learn to define financial stages, estimate costs, and analyse cash flow to effectively manage an organisation's financial journey, including startup, sustainability, and expansion, covering expenses like personnel, equipment, marketing, and income/expenditure timing.

Identifying Funding Gaps

Participants will learn to identify funding gaps and their implications, evaluate current resources for potential self-funding, and proactively manage financial risks, including contingency planning, to ensure successful fundraising and project/business sustainability.

Defining Clear Funding Objectives

Participants will learn to set SMART goals for transparent fundraising, focusing on specific funding needs and explaining why they're essential, while also emphasizing the strategic allocation of funds for maximum impact.

Crafting Appropriate Fundraising Strategies

Participants will learn to customize fundraising strategies, use financial data effectively, and stay flexible in response to changing needs, boosting their fundraising success.

6 Lessons

Identifying Potential Funders and Investors

Participants will learn strategies for identifying potential sources of funding, including government grants, venture capitalists, angel investors, and philanthropic organisations.

Understanding Why Funders Fund

We will emphasise the importance of understanding the motivations and goals of different types of funders

Market Research and Opportunity Identification

Participants will learn effective market research techniques to identify funding opportunities.

Tailoring Approaches to Funders

Participants will gain expertise in tailoring outreach to diverse funders and using storytelling to align their pitches with funders' preferences and values.

Alignment with Funders' Goals

Participants will learn to strategically align their projects or businesses with potential funders' goals, along with techniques for quantifying and communicating measurable impact to enhance their funding proposals and pitches.

Building Relationships with Funders

Participants will be introduced to effective networking strategies for identifying potential funders through professional organizations, conferences, and online platforms, as well as learning how to nurture long-term relationships by communicating project progress and impact to build trust and lasting partnerships.

What Not to Go for

We will discuss the labour involved in writing proposals and pitching, and how to identify whether an opportunity is worth pursuing or not.

5 Lessons

Preparing Compelling Funding Proposals

This module will provide participants with a comprehensive guide to crafting compelling funding proposals.

Key Elements of a Funding Proposal

We will cover the essential components, such as the executive summary, project description, goals and objectives, budget, and timeline. Important to review and use the proposal format of the funder.

Effective Writing Tips

Participants will learn to write clearly and concisely, avoiding jargon and crafting engaging narratives, while also emphasizing the importance of impeccable grammar and providing tips for effective proofreading to produce error-free and compelling proposals.

Showcasing Impact

Participants will gain insights into selecting relevant outcome and impact metrics to quantify project benefits and learn the art of impactful storytelling to emotionally connect with funders and convey the potential impact of their projects or businesses.

Elevator Pitch for Investors

Participants will master the art of crafting a succinct and attention-grabbing elevator pitch that encapsulates their project or business's essence, followed by practical pitch practice sessions, enabling them to refine and perfect their pitches for maximum impact.

Budgeting and Demonstrating Fund Utilisation

Participants will be led through the development of a well-rounded project or business budget, including strategic fund allocation and expense justification.

5 Lessons

Building Relationships with Funders

In this module, participants will learn the importance of long-term relationship building with diverse funding stakeholders, gaining networking skills, tailoring communication, and nurturing techniques while emphasizing transparent and regular updates to showcase project progress and impact.

Networking Strategies

Participants will start with the basics of networking, understanding its significance in fundraising as a means to foster mutually beneficial relationships, and they will also learn strategies for locating potential funders through industry events, organizations, and online networking platforms.

Tailoring Communication

Participants will learn how to adapt their communication styles to suit different funders' preferences and master effective initial outreach by crafting personalized messages that highlight alignment with the funder's goals.

Nurturing Techniques

Participants will understand the vital role of trust-building with funders through reliability, credibility, and integrity, as well as the significance of transparent and regular communication, including progress updates and proactive handling of challenges through newsletters and social media.

Demonstrating Impact

Participants will grasp the significance of measuring and reporting project or business impact, exploring diverse metrics and reporting techniques to demonstrate their initiatives' value while also being encouraged to collect and share impactful stories that resonate with funders and stakeholders.

Long-Term Relationship Building

Discuss strategies for sustaining long-term relationships with funders. This includes ongoing engagement, showing appreciation, and finding ways to collaborate beyond initial funding.


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Welcome to the course


Intro to Funding Landscape


Overview of Fundraising Process


Types of Funding Sources


Advantages and Disadvantages


The Teachers

Hi, I'm Neema

I'm an artist, maker and coach as well as the founder of Pollicy and Women are Building.

I'm passionate about creating joyful and resilient digital products and companies.

The Teachers

Hi, I'm Vari

I'm a pan-African feminist lawyer and leader with experience in human rights and development work.

I'm well-versed in non-profit corporate governance and sustainable development practice.

Course Info

What to expect

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Time to Complete

3 Hours


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Is this course right for you?

This course is a comprehensive guide to fundraising, designed for civil society leaders, non-profit managers, and small business owners. It provides essential knowledge and practical skills for navigating the complex funding landscape, including grants, loans, equity investment, and donations. Participants will learn to craft compelling funding proposals, build fruitful relationships with potential funders, and ensure compliance with reporting requirements.

This course is tailor-made for civil society leaders, non-profit managers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners who are passionate about achieving their goals and are seeking the financial support to make it happen. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the world of fundraising, this course is your comprehensive guide to mastering the art and science of securing funds.

By the end of this course, individuals and organisations will be equipped with the expertise and confidence needed to secure the financial support required to turn their visions into realities, drive positive change, and achieve lasting impact.

Fundraising can be a daunting exercise, especially when you urgently need the funds to keep the lights on. We’ve been there and we want to share what we have learned through our journey growing within civil society and supporting other organisations and businesses.

This course offers self-paced learning through video tutorials as well as learning materials such as fundraising templates, tool recommendations and a funding source directory. You can also opt for additional coaching sessions from the course instructors. 


Skills you'll walk away with

Effective Proposal Writing

Basics of Budgeting

Relationship Building

Compliance and Governance

Confidence in Fundraising

What You'll Gain

Acquire all the essential skills to develop funding strategy proficiency

A Deeper Understanding

You'll gain a profound understanding of the diverse funding landscape, including grants, loans, equity investment, and donations, allowing you to make informed decisions about which source best suits your needs.

Effective Fundraising Techniques

Learn the art of crafting compelling funding proposals, building fruitful relationships with funders, and staying compliant with reporting requirements.

Real-World Application

Our course provides real-world examples and practical advice that you can immediately apply to your projects or ventures.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and expand your professional network through our course discussions and Q&A sessions.


What students are saying

Chipo Mwamba

From Zambia

"I had the privilege of being part of the pre-launch trial for this course, and I must say it exceeded all my expectations. The depth of knowledge shared on fundraising strategies, along with practical skills and templates, is simply outstanding. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to secure funding for their projects. Highly recommended!"

Dawit Alemayehu

From Canada

"As a non-profit manager, I've been struggling with fundraising for years. This course was a revelation! The modules are well-structured, and the emphasis on relationship building and effective communication with funders is invaluable. I feel much more confident now. This course is a must for anyone in civil society."

Lauren Scott

From South Africa

“I can't thank the creators of this course enough. Happy to have had a sneak peek! It was a fantastic learning experience. The content is not just informative but also highly engaging. The bonus materials like proposal templates and the funding source directory are incredibly helpful. I'm already seeing positive results in my fundraising efforts after implementing what I learned in this course!”


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